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Chief Peak Adventure

Our most popular 4x4 adventure

authentic Chumash Indian symbol

The legend says Chief Matilija, nearing death, was brought to the top of the mountain so he could look up at the sky. After his death the mountain was transformed into an image of the chief. He lays on his back in full headdress, looking up to the you see him?

authentic Chumash Indian symbol

Weeping Waters photo

Our jeep tour begins in the Ojai Valley, where you will immediately begin to climb 5,000 feet to cool mountain air and fresh breezes. The mountain road follows a stream as you ascend a narrow canyon with wild flowers and cottonwood trees. Just after we emerge from two tunnels in the steep canyon walls, we slow down near a rock wall weeping with water. A light mist from the moss-covered wall of this canyon will cool and refresh our guests.

E-Ticket photo Next our tour guides will turn into Rose Valley, bring down the windshield and lock the wheels in four-wheel drive for the "E-Ticket" part of the ride. Before passing through the locked forest gates, guests may take a 10-minute walk to another waterfall, where a surprise awaits them. If you're brave enough you may enjoy a light shower in the falls.

View Of The Pacific photo Back in the jeep the road ascends quickly and steeply to the top of the Topa Topa mountain range, where views of the Pacific Ocean, the Channel Islands, and the Sespe wilderness await guests. Enjoy a picnic meal at the top of the world while you bask in spectacular views and cool mountain air.

3 1/2 hours -- $55.00 per person

authentic Chumash Indian symbol

Hike the Chief...

Hike The Chief photo If you enjoy challenging hikes, take the extended Chief Peak tour and a guide will lead you to the top of the chief's nose. This is a moderate-to-difficult hike. Sturdy shoes and hiking boots are recommended.

4 1/2 hours -- $65.00 per person

authentic Chumash Indian symbol

Sunset Tours...

Sunset Picnic photo Late afternoon tours allow guests to experience some of Ojai's magnificent sunsets. Some of our guests choose to watch the sun sink into the Pacific Ocean while sharing a romantic picnic basket for two. Picnic baskets are available. Call for further information.

3 1/2 hours -- $55.00 per person

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