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Of course, every organization is concerned about the costs associated with their website. Many of our competitors will quote an hourly rate for their services, or display a long itemized list of available features at specific fixed prices. At Pacific CyberCom, we take what we hope is an honest and refreshing position on our pricing:

 It all depends…
There are lots of options you can select for your website, and we prefer to develop an individualized proposal for your project, based on what we will do for you, and how much you will do for yourself. If you really must have our hourly rate, or an itemized breakdown of component prices, we will do that, but we think that a website needs to be conceived of as a coherent totality which functions effectively in fulfilling its purpose. Pacific CyberCom won’t "nickel and dime" you, and we’re willing to spend the time it takes to get your site just right.

For a limited time only, we are offering deeply discounted rates to all of our clients. You could well be surprised at the reasonable cost of an excellent website, and with the personal attention we will pay to your project.

In addition, since you will be trusting us to work for you on an important project, we will trust you by offering a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. With a one-year commitment from you, we will give you the option of a full refund after the first three months if you are not completely satisfied with our services. We plan to make sure you are a happy webster!

To assist you in your planning, we will present a little more specific information about EXPENSES:

You choose ‘em,
and you pay ‘em
The main expense for a website is the cost of hosting. We will handle all the details of this if you desire, or you can make the arrangements yourself. We offer highly reliable hosting services on our own webservers, located at prime peering points on the Internet backbone. We have also worked with a number of other Internet Service Providers (ISP’s). This will be your choice.

The costs for Virtual Domain Hosting ( range from $20 to $100+ per month, depending on how much traffic will be generated by your site, and what technical capabilities are required. On this plan, all the world will think you are running your own Internet installation, and you can look just like a major company with its own domain on the Web. (There is also an annual fee to for domain name registration)

If your budget is very small, you could use one of the online services (AOL, CompuServe, Phone Company, etc.) as your ISP. You won’t have the snazzy domain name, but in some circumstances, this may not be critical to you. We can still build you an effective site, and promote it for you on the Web.

For the extremely finance-challenged client, Pacific CyberCom can host your site in our domain ( for $10 per month, with a one-year commitment.

Our design and maintenance fees will be based mostly on how much of the creative work you can do in-house and how much we will do for you. We’re not greedy, but we expect reasonable compensation for our services. We can do as much or as little as you decide on your project.

W hy not jot down what you have in mind today, send it along, and let us make you an offer at no obligation?